About us

About us

A-Plus Professional Education Services is a company established to engage in the business of offering online courses to candidates preparing for various professional exams.

We are currently offering the following:

  • NPPE Online Preparatory Course: lectures, quizzes, and practice exam
  • NPPE Online Preparatory Test: 140 multiple-choice questions + explanation

The two courses apply to Canada’s National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE). We intend to expand to more courses in the future.

Our operational base is in Calgary, Alberta. However, we have a network of professionals in other parts of Canada who work on developing our courses and serve to answer questions that participants in our courses post through the chat room.

Many professional exams require an in-depth self-study program in order to pass, but most professionals don’t have the luxury of time to commit to this self-study. Through our course, we strive to cut down the time required for the study. More importantly, we provide the chance to study in locations where the traditional method of studying is simply not convenient. 

Whether you’re commuting by train or you’re on assignment in a remote industrial facility, you can always reach our lectures once you have Internet connections.Our philosophy is to produce lectures that are simple and straightforward, populated with real-life examples that aid understanding and make the key points easy to remember. Please check our course page to view a sample of our lectures.

Why Choose Us ?

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