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NPPE Online Preparatory Course

  • 21 self-paced lectures that cover the entire NPPE syllabus
  • Quiz at the end of each lecture
  • 110-question practice exam after studying all the lectures
  • Best for those who don't want to study the textbooks

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NPPE Online Preparatory Test

  • 140 multiple-choice questions
  • Brief explanation of the correct answer + reference to the relevant page(s) in the textbooks
  • Best for those who just need questions to practice

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Below are the feedbaks received from some of our customers. They all plead that we do not publish their names for any advertisement efforts. We therefore use only their initials and the dates they took their exams.

BM - Winnipeg, MB (November 2018)

Callout Just wanted to let you know that I have passed the NPPE, due in no small part to your thorough and I wasn't sure if I should take the exam because I had only a month and half to study along with a full time job. Your assurance and the testimonials from your website encouraged me to go ahead and I am glad for that decision. I made a schedule and stuck to it. Therefore, I did not have to take time off to study. The course was to the point and not difficult to understand. The audio helped and the quality was very good. The quizzes and practice exam very useful. I studied the course thoroughly and revised before the exam. I found studying each day for couple of hours (longer on weekends) and researching the topic that I needed clarification helped. You were very good in communicating promptly and clearly whenever I had a question. Revising was very important for me as I caught what I missed previously. I had to refer to dictionary for the technical terms used in the course. It would be helpful to put the meaning of those words in brackets/notes/audio. I am glad I took this course which covered all topics in a concise manner. It is important to study the entire course thoroughly. Maintain a schedule and revise as much. Get all questions that arise as you study clarified, the staff is very prompt and clear in providing answers.

TL - Airdrie, AB (November 2018)

Callout I recommend the course, it is way more dynamic than reading the books. I didn't even touch any of them and passed. Take your time, watch all the presentations, take notes, do all the questions and you will be prepared.


ES - Winnipeg, MB (January 2017)

Callout Just wanted to let you know that I have passed the NPPE, due in no small part to your thorough and meticulously prepared course, and stellar customer support. I did not find any problems with quality of the slides or the audio. There was an issue with accessing the material on iPads, which you quickly fixed. Overall I was very pleased with the quality and the scope of the material, and felt like you genuinely cared about your customers.


SR - Grande Prairie, AB (January 2017)

Callout I PASSED ON MY FIRST TRY!!!! Thank you!! The course was geared towards really understanding the material required for passing this exam. The Audio was good, quizzes were good for testing my knowledge, and end-exam was a good test!! Your course helped me 100% (I never opened any of the books, not kidding!) You need at least 1 month of studying everyday in order to accomplish this exam! The exam itself tests every bit of your knowledge, so be prepared!!!


MC - Calgary, AB (September 2016)

Callout The course is excellent and very well presented. You do not need to study half a dozen books. Only this course is enough to pass the exam. I studied and practiced well using this online course and I passed.


CP - Edmonton, AB (January 2017)

Callout I checked the APEGA site members login and I have passed the NPPE exam. I had thoroughly studied the online course you provided and also did my homework by reviewing all the questions and answers you provided with the course. This helped me a lot for getting confidence. The quality content of material is awesome and the quiz at the end of each chapter/lesson is really good which develops your confidence. One suggestion is that some of the technical words, which I am sure not everyone understands, you should provide the meaning in the brackets. I had to refer to the dictionary to understand lots of words. For example Defamation. This was my second attempt. The first time, I used some other material and books to study and prepare for exam. I was just failed by 2 marks but I thought that the material and books, I studied were not enough to pass the exam. If I would know about your study material at that time, I would have passed it on first attempt. After reading your material, I thought I did not need to refer to any other material or textbooks. I studied /reviewed only 3 to 4 times, the material provided by you and took the all quizzes and the final 110 questions exam few times. That gave me immense confidence to take the NPPE exam. I think most people will pass the NPPE exam after studying your material. Thanks a lot.


IP - Calgary, AB (June 2016)

Callout Just to let you know, I have passed the NPPE exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and well prepared course material. It was very useful for preparation of NPPE exam. For me, it was difficult to find time to read the books and the course material provided by you saved me a lot of time for preparation and the concepts were easily explained. I could easily grasp the contents and the quiz at the end of each chapter also provided a good measure of how much I understood. The mock examination was also really good. I liked the explanation for each answer options in the quiz. Also, the examples provided in the lectures to explain the concepts were really good.

DG - Toronto, ON (January 2016)

Callout Content of the lectures was excellent, well structured and summarized. Quizzes were also excellent, the practice exam definitely helped me to get familiarized with the system and multiple choice questions. I actually passed the NPPE Exam and I highly recommend this course.


RB - Edmonton, AB (March 2016)

Callout In case I forgot to inform you, I passed the NPPE with your online course. For your reference as well, I did not study any other material, only the course you provided. Thank you for a great course and I would recommend it to others.

MZ - Red Deer, AB (October 2015)

Callout I passed the NPPE and I really appreciate your NPPE course materials. This is my first exam and I passed. Your course material really helped me a lot. I've read your materials less than a month and it worked out. My suggestion or tip is more exam based questions (2nd set of 110 questions) can be included in your materials that will help.


JB - Calgary, AB (October 2015)

Callout The course really helps a lot especially if you want to learn and review it in a small span of time. It will help you understand deeply the NPPE and all the laws that a professional should be aware of.

RB - Calgary, AB (October 2015)

Callout I received my results and I have passed. Writing some practice exams beforehand (and timing myself) had definitely helped to give me a good handle on pace. So thank you for preparing a full 110 question exam. Thanks again for answering all of my questions during my study period. I think your good communication was worth the price of the course alone and I hope that we continue to stay in touch.


YZ - New Westminster, BC (October 2015)

Callout In preparation for the APEGBC PPE exam I purchased the APLUS NPPE course 3 weeks before my exam. By being very focused on the APLUS course material and studying hard as well as talking to the author I began to feel confident that I could pass the exam. The quality of the lectures, the quizzes and practice exam, and answers of question from the author helped me to master the content of the course and showed what I could expect from the PPE exam. The APLUS NPPE study material offers a systematic and effective course and I very much appreciate the author’s encouragement. The APLUS course was well worth its cost!