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NPPE Online Preparatory Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to study the textbooks in addition to this course?

No. Studying the course is sufficient to pass the NPPE. The course covers the entire NPPE syllabus and is easier to follow than reading hundreds of pages of textbooks and other publications like the Acts, Regulations and ByLaws of the Association, OH&S Act, A Guide to Copyright, etc. Many of our past candidates used the course alone and passed. You can find some of their comments on our Testimonials page. The direct approach that the course takes ensures that candidates prepare for the exam in much less time (3 - 4 weeks) than if they were to rely on the textbooks for preparation. However, it does not hurt to read the textbooks.

How much time do I need to study the course?

From the feedback given by our past candidates, a period of four weeks is long enough to study all the 21 lectures of the course. And that's for a person engaged in full-time work. All candidates who have used our course for at least three weeks have passed so far.

How long are the lectures?

The durations of the 21 lectures are presented below. However, more time may be needed because you may have to play some of the slides more than once in order to fully digest the subject.

Module Lecture # Lecture Title Duration (minutes)
A 1 Concept of Professionalism 15
B 1 Ethical Theories and Principles 13
2 Codes of Ethics and Ethical Standards 19
C 1 Professional Practice and Workplace Issues 13
2 Insurance 17
3 Risk Management 14
4 Environmental Responsibilities and Sustainable Development 18
5 Computer, Software and the Internet 8
E 1 The Canadian Legal System 9
2 Business Organizations 19
3 Basic Principles of Contract Law 31
4 Application of Contract Law 33
5 Tort Law 29
6 Bonds and Construction Liens 19
7 Dispute Resolution 16
8 The Law of Property Rights 27
9 Employment and Labour Laws 30
10 Occupational Health and Safety 16
11 Environmental Law 20
F 1 Professional Law 24
G 1 Regulation and Discipline Processes 20

Note: Module D (Communications) is allocated 1% (1 question) in the NPPE syllabus and there is no specific reading material for it. It is therefore not included in the course.

If I need clarification or more explanation on a topic, how do I get it?

You can always reach us by email or phone. Your question will be answered promptly.

Can I download the lectures?

No, you cannot download the lectures. And you need not to, since you have access to the course site from your enrolment day till you take your exam. However, you can download the lecture notes in .pdf format.

How do the questions in the practice exam compare to the actual exam to be taken?

The questions in the practice exam are of the same level of difficulty as those you would encounter in the NPPE, but anxiety level will normally increase during exam and it may make the NPPE to look more difficult. We have confidence that candidates who use our course for study will always pass and the results so far attest to that.

What is the pass rate among those who have taken the course?

The course started with the candidates who sat for the October 2015 NPPE. Since then, the pass rate among those who studied the course for at least three weeks prior to taking the NPPE is 100%.

Any money-back guarantee?

The quality of our course is not the only factor that will determine whether a candidate will pass the NPPE. It depends on the level of preparation by the candidates themselves. In case of failure, we will evaluate the individual case on its merit and decide whether to offer a repeat at a discount or free. However, we do not return registration fee.


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