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NPPE Online Preparatory Test

February 19 - April 5, 2023

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The NPPE Online Preparatory Test is designed to aid candidates preparing for Canada's National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) to obtain professional engineering or geoscience license. It is a package of 140 multiple-choice questions consisting of 110 questions distributed in accordance with the NPPE syllabus and an additional set of 30 questions for Module E of the syllabus. The extra questions are needed in order to adequately cover all the topics of Module E - Law for Professional Practice. Our questions probe into the deep meaning of the contents of the syllabus, thereby promoting the higher order thinking required to pass the NPPE.

Sample Questions


  • Six Sections distributed as follows:
    • Section I:     11 questions (Module A: Professionalism)
    • Section II:   22 questions (Module B: Ethics)
    • Section III:  30 questions (Module C: Professional Practice)
    • Section IV:   56 questions (Module E: Law for Professional Practice)
    • Section V:     9 questions (Module F: Professional Law)
    • Section VI:  12 questions (Module G: Regulation & Discipline Processes)
  • Brief explanation of each answer choice + reference to relevant pages in the recommended study materials
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CAD$70 plus applicable GST/HST.


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